KN Install Solutions have 520 field engineers deployed across the island of Ireland and each of them are supplied with a LADDERMAT. We have used LADDERMAT for over a decadent have found it to be extremely useful to aid the safe use of ladders on thousands of poles that we climb everyday.

Operations Manager: KNIS Laddermat

I’ve found the LADDERMAT to be a most simple and effective ladder levelling tool on the market.

Working at Height Operations Director: Tetra Safety Systems Laddermat

LADDERMAT gives me confidence when using ladders uneven or problem surfaces, and is a must have piece of kit for all trades people or the serious

DIYerWAYNE DE WET, Multi Award Winning Decorator Laddermat

Great safety product! Such a simple idea, but very effective and flexible.

A. Da Laddermat

Very well designed and provides a soft grip to feet of ladder. Certainly worth the money.

Gen Laddermat

These simple rubber mats work brilliantly on uneven ground and were really useful.

P. Michaels Laddermat

I would not be without one, inside or outside.

I. Rice Laddermat

Very good product, feel much more at ease when working on a ladder, they protect the area you are working on.

So useful, just painted the outside of our house and these Pads ensured there were no ladder marks anywhere!

R. Down Ladder Pads

Fits a treat…. much better than old rags tied to ladder.

Brian W Ladder Pads

Thought I’d need replacements from makers, but this universal product was easy to use and solved problem.

N. Gardener Trim 2 Fit

Excellent product, as described “Trim 2 Fit”, you can make a worn out product good and usable again. Would recommend.

C. Grant Trim 2 Fit

These sturdy rubber feet were a perfect fit, they have transformed my ladder.

These are fantastic, do exactly what they say!

M. Betteridge Footee