Safety on ladders is paramount.

Since the launch of the original LADDERMAT ladder leveller anti-slip device In 2003, LADDERMAT Ladder Safety Accessories has become a well-established name in the UK. Access Market with its GOLD AWARD WINNING PRODUCTS. Latest HSE statistics: “No room for complacency” says, Ladder Association. Regardless of a drop in fatalities from 42 in 2014/15 to 37 in 2015/16, falls from height still remain the single biggest cause of fatalities on site and in the workplace. In addition, they also accounted for 5,956 non-fatal injuries over the 12 month period to 31st March 2016.

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Safety on ladders is paramount continued…

Safety on ladders is paramount these shocking statistics underline the importance of following working-at-height guidelines and choosing the safest access equipment available. We believe ladder safety should be of priority concern and our aim is to provide ladder users, both in the trade and at home with well designed, independently tested, inexpensive and easy to use ladder safety accessories.